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Finished Score Statistics :  Total  0  finished matches (contain handicap) ,  Home Team Win 0 Match ,  Draw 0 Match ,  Home Team Lose 0 Match

Fixtures & Results

Match Date Home Score Away HDP W/L O/U Over/Under Win Draw Lose Analysis HT
Groups   Total Matches: 140 Game,HDP W: 12 Game, Void: 1 Game, HDP L: 15 Game, Odds W%: 42.86% , Over: 29 Game, D: 1 Game, Under: 27 Game, Over Rate: 50.88%
AGroup 09-04 10:00 Kazakhstan (w) England (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
AGroup 09-04 10:00 Russia (w) Bosnia and Herzegovina (w) 3W0D0L Analysis
BGroup 09-04 10:00 Poland (w) Switzerland (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
BGroup 09-04 10:00 Albania (w) Scotland (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
CGroup 09-04 10:00 Northern Ireland (w) Slovakia (w) 0W1D1L Analysis
CGroup 09-04 10:00 Norway (w) Netherland (w) 4W1D3L Analysis
DGroup 09-04 10:00 Denmark (w) Sweden (w) 3W3D7L Analysis
DGroup 09-04 10:00 Ukraine (w) Hungary (w) 2W1D1L Analysis
EGroup 09-04 10:00 Iceland (w) Czech (w) 0W0D1L Analysis
EGroup 09-04 10:00 Faroe Islands (w) Germany (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
FGroup 09-04 10:00 Portugal (w) Romania (w) 0W4D0L Analysis
FGroup 09-04 10:00 Belgium (w) Italy (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
GGroup 09-04 10:00 Austria (w) Finland (w) 1W0D1L Analysis
GGroup 09-04 10:00 Spain (w) Serbia (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
EGroup 09-01 10:00 Iceland (w) Germany (w) 0W0D4L Analysis
AGroup 08-31 10:00 Wales (w) England (w) 0W0D2L Analysis
BGroup 08-31 10:00 Belarus (w) Poland (w) 0W1D4L Analysis
CGroup 08-31 10:00 Slovakia (w) Norway (w) 0W0D2L Analysis
CGroup 08-31 10:00 Ireland (w) Northern Ireland (w) 1W0D0L Analysis
EGroup 08-31 10:00 Czech (w) Slovenia (w) 1W0D0L Analysis
FGroup 08-31 10:00 Romania (w) Belgium (w) 2W1D0L Analysis
GGroup 08-31 10:00 Spain (w) Finland (w) 2W0D0L Analysis
AGroup 08-30 10:00 Russia (w) Kazakhstan (w) 2W0D0L Analysis
BGroup 08-30 10:00 Scotland (w) Switzerland (w) 2W2D0L Analysis
DGroup 08-30 10:00 Denmark (w) Croatia (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
DGroup 08-30 10:00 Sweden (w) Ukraine (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
FGroup 08-30 10:00 Moldova (w) Portugal (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
AGroup 06-12 10:00 Wales (w) Russia (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
AGroup 06-12 10:00 Bosnia and Herzegovina (w) Kazakhstan (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
BGroup 06-12 10:00 Belarus (w) Switzerland (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
BGroup 06-12 10:00 Poland (w) Scotland (w) 0W0D4L Analysis
CGroup 06-12 10:00 Netherland (w) Slovakia (w) 2W0D0L Analysis
CGroup 06-12 10:00 Norway (w) Ireland (w) 1W0D0L Analysis
DGroup 06-12 10:00 Ukraine (w) Sweden (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
DGroup 06-12 10:00 Denmark (w) Hungary (w) 1W0D0L Analysis
EGroup 06-12 10:00 Czech (w) Faroe Islands (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
FGroup 06-12 10:00 Moldova (w) Belgium (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
FGroup 06-12 10:00 Romania (w) Portugal (w) 0W4D0L Analysis
GGroup 06-12 10:00 Serbia (w) Finland (w) 1W0D0L Analysis
GGroup 06-12 10:00 Israel (w) Austria (w) 0W0D4L Analysis
EGroup 06-11 10:00 Iceland (w) Slovenia (w) 3W0D1L Analysis
AGroup 06-08 10:00 Russia (w) England (w) 0W1D2L Analysis
CGroup 06-08 10:00 Northern Ireland (w) Netherland (w) 0W0D1L Analysis
CGroup 06-08 10:00 Ireland (w) Norway (w) 0W0D1L Analysis
DGroup 06-08 10:00 Ukraine (w) Denmark (w) 1W0D2L Analysis
FGroup 06-08 10:00 Italy (w) Portugal (w) 3W0D0L Analysis
GGroup 06-08 10:00 Finland (w) Austria (w) 1W0D1L Analysis
AGroup 06-07 10:00 Wales (w) Bosnia and Herzegovina (w) 0W1D0L Analysis
BGroup 06-07 10:00 Scotland (w) Belarus (w) 2W0D0L Analysis
DGroup 06-07 10:00 Sweden (w) Croatia (w) 0W0D0L Analysis
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League Data

81GameFinished 301ScoreTotal Goals 95%[77Game]Over 0.5
50.62%[41Game]Home Win Games 3.72ScoreAvg. Goals 77.78%[63Game]Over 1.5
11.11%[9Game]Draw Games 2.33ScoreAvg. Home Goals 62.96%[51Game]Over 2.5
38.27%[31Game]Away Win Games 1.38ScoreAvg. Away Goals 50.62%[41Game]Over 3.5

League List

Win Most Draw Most Loss Most
Italy (w)
4 Matches Win 4
Latvia (w)
3 Matches Draw 2
Faroe Islands (w)
7 Matches Lose 4
Strongest Attack Weakest Attack
All Germany (w) 20Score 5/Game All Andorra Women's 0Score 0/Game
Home Germany (w) 19Score 6.33/Game Home Bosnia and Herzegovina (w) 0Score 0/Game
Away Czech (w) 12Score 6/Game Away Hungary (w) 0Score 0/Game
Best Defense Worst Defense
All Ireland (w) 0Score 0/Game All Faroe Islands (w) 35Score 5/Game
Home Iceland (w) 0Score 0/Game Home Albania (w) 11Score 2.75/Game
Away Czech (w) 0Score 0/Game Away Moldova (w) 28Score 5.6/Game

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