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【English Championship】 Reading vs Fulham

2016-12-30 16:43:15 | Author:en001 | Source:One Score
Abstract:Beijing time at 4:00 in the morning on this Saturday, the 24th round English Championship, Reading will challenge Fulham at home. In the recent 10 competitions between the two squads, Reading got 3 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses.

Time12/31/2016 04:00 Saturday (GMT+8 

Asian Handicap: 0.93 0 0.95

Average Odds: 2.55 3.35 2.58


Match Analysis:

In the previous 23 games, Reading got 13 wins 4 draws and 6 losses, ranks the 3rd with 43 points. In the last game, Reading beaten Norwich with 3-1, which boomed their morale. After 23 rounds, Fulham got 9 wins 9 draws and 5 losses, ranks the 7th with 36 points. In the last away game, they beaten Ipswich Town without difficulty. For now, they are in good status.

Odds Analysis:

Genera companies opened with OVER 2.5 for this game, the outlook directly rose to 2.5/3 after betting. Till now, the OVER odds falls to the range of mid-odds, tis too obvious that the banker is fearing about OVER. As to half tome O/U, the companies opened with Over 1, the outlook OVER odds are in falling trend after betting. Considering from the spread tendency, OVER is a better choice. Recommendation: HT OVER 1



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