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Draymond Green fouls, then mocks LeBron James for major flop

2017-01-17 18:04:51 | Author:Jordan Greer | Source:sportingnews
Abstract:LeBron James and Draymond Green at the center of controversy ... where have we seen this before?

During the second quarter of Monday night's game between the Cavs and Warriors, Green caught James across the body with a hard foul. It appeared Green was simply trying to stop James before he turned into a runaway train and got an easy bucket.


Despite Green going for the ball, James sold the foul so well it got upgraded to a flagrant 1. Green has given his fair share of questionable shots in the past — we all know his below-the-belt history at this point. But this one looked like a hard, legal foul.


Green turned to fans on the sideline and mocked James' flop. It's hard to blame Green on this one, but he probably should know better than most doing anything to anger LeBron isn't a great idea.


Verdict: James flopped in super floppy fashion. It also worked because James is a star and Green's reputation is well known.


It didn't matter much in the first half, however, as the Warriors led 78-49 at the break.