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Like father, like son: LeBron James Jr. plays bottle flip on bench with teammates

2017-01-19 16:05:04 | Author:Nick Birdsong | Source:sportingnews
Abstract:It's going to be fun, watching Prince James develop over the years.

LeBron James Jr. is stuntin' like his daddy.


The 12-year-old son of the four-time NBA MVP's prodigious ability on the court have long been chronicled. Though he doesn't wear his famous father's No. 23, James Jr., who prefers No. 0 (a nod to his personal favorite player Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook), has a game that mirrors his pops'. From the deft dribbling skills to the pinpoint passing that makes his teammates better, the kid is a chip off his old man's chiseled block.


This past weekend, he and his Ohio-based Northeast Bluechips youth outfit took their talents to Indiana to compete in the Speice MLK tournament. As you'd expect, Bronny put on a show displaying all the skills that has college coaches salivating six years before he'll ever enroll on anyone's campus.


Along with his stellar play, he also showed he possesses the same playful  personality that's made his dad a favorite among his teammates throughout his career. He played bottle flip with his teammates on the bench, something Big Bron did earlier this season during a blowout of the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.


Fastforward to the 1:39 mark to get right to the sideline shenanigans.



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