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the most Decorated Players in Football History

2016-06-08 09:56:58 | Author:Cock | Source:

Winning trophy is the main aim for footballers, but it is not easy. Firstly you must be extremely talented and play for a side that is regularly challenging for honours. Just like Ryan Giggs,  who spent his entire career at Manchester United but won numerous trophies. Recent years, several Barcelona players have also regularly won trophies .

Being a great player doesnt mean you will lift lots of trophies.Diego Maradona, for example, won just nine trophies in his career, which is far fewer than Pele for instance.

This list documents all of the players who have won 25 or more trophies during their careers, including some of the most renowned individuals in football history.


NO.6 Paul Scholes

Trophies: 25

Club: Manchester United

Paul Scholes spent his whole career at one club, Manchester United. Scholes missed the 1999 Champions League Final through suspension but was part of the United side that won the trophy in 2008.


NO.6 Xavi

Trophies: 25

Clubs: Barcelona

Xavi has moved on from Barcelona, but his contribution to Spanish side's dominance was hugely significant.


NO.5 Dani Alves

Trophies: 26

Clubs: Sevilla, Barcelona

Most of Alves’s trophies came with Barcelona.


NO.5 Andres Iniesta

Trophies: 26

Club: Barcelona

As a midfielder, Andres Iniesta has enjoyed much success during his Barcelona career.


NO.5 Lionel Messi

Trophies: 26

Club: Barcelona

Messi has been the driving force of Barcelona's successes. At the age of 28, he has much time to move further up this list.


NO.5 Paolo Maldini

Trophies: 26

Club: AC Milan

Paolo Maldini has been staying at AC Milan since the start of his carrier. He won seven Serie A titles with Milan and lifted the Champions League on five occasions.


NO.4 Edwin Van der Sar

Trophies: 27

Clubs: Ajax, Juventus, Fulham, Manchester United

The goalkeeper enjoyed success early in his career with Ajax,  later with Manchester United.


NO.3 Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Trophies: 28

Clubs: Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan, PSG

Ibrahimovic has won the league in six different countries.


NO.3 Pele

Trophies: 28

Clubs: Santos, New York Cosmos

Although his most significant successes came on the international stage, Pele still won many trophies at club level, most trophies came while he was at Santos.


NO.2 Kenny Dalglish

Trophies: 31

Clubs: Liverpool , Celtic

Dalglish won the European Cup on three occasions with the Merseyside club, while he also won the league on six occasions.


NO.2 Vitor Baia

Trophies: 31

Clubs: Porto , Barcelona

A talented goalkeeper, Baia won ten league titles during two spells at Porto, with the vast majority of his trophies coming during his time at the Portuguese club.


NO.1 Ryan Giggs

Trophies: 34

Club: Manchester United

Ryan Giggs spent his entire senior career with Manchester United and won an enviable haul of trophies.

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