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The Man in Black: 12 reasons to love Diego Simeone

2016-06-30 14:59:30 | Author: | Source:Squawka
Abstract:Argentina have approached Diego Simeone over manager role, says Atletico Madrid president


Argentina have approached Diego Simeone over manager role, says Atletico Madrid president


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He looks like a mob boss

Simeone appears at games dressed all in black with his hair slicked back. Effortlessly stylish and sinister, he's all steely-eyed stares and grand gesticulation.



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His enormous passion for his former clubs

By now his passion for Atléti is obvious but Simeone has made sure to share the love around: "I can see myself at Inter in the future" he said, giving hope to Interisti everywhere.



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That time he beat Real Madrid in their own back yard in a Copa del Rey Final

Atléti hadn't won at the Santiago Bernabeu for 13 years. Then Simeone led them to come from behind and wallop Mourinho's men. Now they've won four straight there




His players would die for him

Every great coach commands the love of his players, but Simeone takes it to another level. He challenges his charges and they respond by giving him everything they have.



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That time he celebrated a goal with his son

When Atléti incredibly made it 2-0 against Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey, Diego Simeone celebrated with a ball boy who also happened to be his son. What a father!




He is immensely quotable

After beating Chelsea: "I want to thank the mothers of these players because they gave birth to them with balls this big," he said, gesturing to the size of a football.



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Diego Simeone has knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League twice now.

It's boring when one team wins all the time; and the only thing between Barça and a hat-trick of Champions Leagues has been Simeone's men, KO'ing them in 2014 and 2016.



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His team are masters of the dark arts

We all admire beautiful football, but secretly we all love a good villain, too. Simeone's Atléti are unrivaled masters of sneaky fouls, play-acting and time-wasting.



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He broke up the La Liga duopoly

Barcelona are the best side in the world, Real Madrid the most expensive, but their grip on La Liga was dull. Simeone smashing it and legitimising Atléti has been brilliant.



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He brings through young players

Unlike OTHER coaches who rely on an intense defensive system, Simeone has enormous trust in the abilities of young players, bringing through the likes of Koke and Saúl.



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He resurrected Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres was broken, then he re-joined Atléti. In his 2nd start he scored twice at the Bernabeu to knock Real Madrid out of the Copa and he's been great since.



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His team plays just like he did

"The team is exactly what Diego Simeone is [as a person] and what he was [as a player]," said Paul Scholes, and everyone loves a coach who moulds a team in his image.



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