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【FIFA WCQL】Korea Republic VS China Forecast

2016-09-01 17:18:16 | Author:Cock | Source:One Score
Abstract:This time, China is going to Compete with Korea Republic, which will be a hard battle for China. However, China have been waiting for 15 years for this moment, they will try their best during the game. Come on, China!

Game Time:  06:00 on September 1st, Thursday

Game Stadium: Seoul World Cup Stadium

Weather: 19~29℃, Rainy, Southwest wind

Broadcast Channel: CCTV 5  Le TV Broadcast


Korea Republic Recent Status

Korea Republic ranks the 48th on the world rankings, the 2nd on the Asian Rankings. Korea Republic had arrived the finals for 8 straight times in the World Cup. In the past 32 years international A-Level competition, China got 11draws and 16 losses. This embarrassing record was broke in 2010, China 3:0 beaten Korea Republic in the semi finals of the East Asian Football Championship. At that time, Gao Hongbo was China’s Manager.  


China Recent Status

After 15 years, China backs to the highest level stage in Asian. This game is the first game in this round, Korea Republic will be a tough rival,defense becomes the urging issue for China. This year, Mr. Gao took over China again, this squad got 3 wins and 1 draw in the previous 4 games, including 2 key wins in 2 games. However, Gao Hongbo is clear that the 2 key wins are not that brilliant, the strength of those rivals are not inline with Korea Republic. As an away team, this time Mr. Gao will take steady strategy. Most internationals admit that they have no chance to compete with Korea Republic in the past decade, especially their outside players. Thus, this time, challenge the best Korea Republic will be a hard battle for them, wish them good luck.


Historical Competition

The two sides had 32 competition in the past, China got 2 wins 11 draws and 19 losses, scored 22 goals but missed 45 goals.


Competition Analysis

It’s a precious for China and their supporters to go back to the stage again. According to Mr. Cock’s message, there are more than 30,000 Chinese fans go abroad to Korea Republic and cheer for China, which means there will be some Home feeling for China. Besides, there are a specialist team company with China. More than 60 senior staff in the Chinese Football will go to Korea Republic to watch this match.


For this game, the main companies in Asian generally opened with Korea Republic 1. After betting, the outlook Make Spread will sharply fall with a Spread rise trend. Till now, the Make Spread has come to Korea Republic 1.25, which benefits the home team. However, duing to the high odds og the Make Spread, the banker will suffer heavy payment pressure. Asian odds RecommendationKorea Republic 1.


Mr. Cock’s RecommendationAsian Odds: Korea Republic 1.


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