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【NBA】Houston Rockets VS Toronto Raptors Forecast

2016-11-23 17:55:24 | Author:en001 | Source:One Score
Abstract:Local time at 7:00 p.m. in Nov. 23rd, NBA Regular Season will have a wonderful game, Houston Rockets will compete with Toronto Raptors at home.

Houston Rockets Recent Status

This squad performed well in this season so fa, for now they rank the 5th in the west. Theres a tough relation ship between this sweet ranking and their back guards good ability in shooting. Though they beaten Detroit Pistons in the last game, we can see that they were not good at facing this kind of team who are goof at defense with powerful center. The reason is clear, they do not have a center so they can only shot. This game facing Toronto Raptors who just like   Detroit Pistons, thus , the home teams shooters shooting feeling is the key to this game.


Toronto Raptors Recent Status

This east team show toughly in this season,for now they rank the 5th in the east. The key player DeMar DeRozans nice performance is the main reason for their rankings. In this season, DeMar DeRozan gets 30.9 points per game, ranking the 3rd in the Alliance, following Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. Facing Harden in this game, DeMar DeRozan wont let him be happy.




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Houston Rockets VS Toronto Raptors