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【NBA】 Raptors VS Celtics Forecast

2017-01-10 15:05:23 | Author:en001 | Source:One Score
Abstract:Local time at 19:00 in January 10th, Raptors will compete with Celtics at home.

Raptors Recent Status

 Raptors perform outstanding in this season, however, they got 2 straight losses in the previous two games. They rank the 2nd in the east at present. In this season, their form seems the same as before. Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan are the core players for this squad, who made the least mistakes in the Union. This squad have already developed into a powerful team in the Union now, they get 110.6 points per game in average which ranks the 3rd in the Union. However, they rely personal skills more than corporation, only got 19.2 assists per game.


  Celtics Recent Status

The away team have showed somewhat powerful strength in this season, the attack efficiency ranks the 7th in the Union, points per game ranks the 8th. Besides, both the two star player Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford perform well, the latter one also becomes the post pillar in this season. However, the rebounds number falls a bit, 41 rebounds per game in average, which is the 3rd least in the Union. This game, facing the Raptors, they should be more careful.



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