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【NBA】 Wolves VS Rockets Forecast

2017-01-11 17:49:26 | Author:en001 | Source:One Score
Abstract:Local time at 19:00 in January 11th, Wolves will challenge Rockets at home.

Wolves Recent Status

In the first round of this season, Rockets got 111:109 beaten Wolves. The home team beaten Mavericks in the last game which is an end to their 4 straight losses. In that game, Downes boomed who got 34 points and 11 rebounds. Though this squad did not have a good results in the recent games, they only lost 99 points per game in the recent 5 games, from which we can see the improvement in their defense. Though this young team have gifts, a strong defense will help them beat their opponents. In tomorrows competition, they do should improve their defense.


Rockets Recent Status

Today Rockets tried very hard to beat Hornets, 121:114, which is their 9 straight wins for now. Besides, Harden contributed 40+ points as the previous game. Besides, Haarer also performed outstanding in the recent games. As a substitute for Capella, Haarer displayed his full energy in offense and defense. He is the one for this team now. In tomorrows game, lets see what else great things will he do.




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