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【NBA】Washington Wizards VS Atlanta Hawks Forecast

2017-04-19 17:31:59 | Author:en001 | Source:One Score
Abstract:Local time at 07:00 p.m. in Apr. 20, NBA playoff will play an important game among the eastern conference quarterfinals, Wizards and Atlanta Hawks meet for game 2 in the Verizon Center.

Washington Wizards Recent Status

Wizards played well in the regular season and entered the playoff as the Eastern No.4. They win game 1 by 114-107, John Wall and Bradley Beal gained 54 points together, this duo fired in attacking line. The Wizards must try best to gain another win to defend their dignity in this home game with Hawks.  


Atlanta Hawks Recent Status

Hawks had a massive shake-up this season, after Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver and Al Horford’s leaving, their squad strength reduced. But now, they have the experienced playoff game player Dwight Howard to guard inside, Paul Millsap and Dennis Schroder take more responsibilities during this season. Question is Dennis Schroder and Dwight Howard are without tacit understanding which troubled the attacking side. They were beaten in game 1, and without this win, the Hawks may danger to gain the promotion.    




The general betting websites opened with OVER 211.5 for this game,because both team presented excellent behaviors in their playoff’s first round with 211 points. This time, the bank opened a handicap with 211.5 which shows a inclination towards Over. At present, Washington Wizards are in their best status, which shows a bit champion’s light in the East. Atlanta Hawks shooting sense is not as nice as the Wizards,in this game, they can only rely on Howard to fight against the Hawks. Good luck!



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